Publications and Presentations


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Kornrich, Sabino and Allison Roberts. 2017. “Household Income, Women’s Earnings, and Spending on Household Services, 1980-2010.” Journal of Marriage and Family. 80:150-165.

Edited Volumes
Roberts, Allison. 2012. “Saving Normandy Lake.” An Orange County Almanac and Other Essays, edited by J. Zammit-Lucia. New York, NY.

Presentations Roberts, Allison. 2019. “Salvation through Surgery.” Healthcare Innovation Student Symposium: Atlanta.
Get the citations. Check out my data science blog posts for the code used in this presentation.

Roberts, Allison. 2018. “Hawking Surgery: Hospitals and Online Competition.” Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting 2018: New Orleans.

Roberts, Allison. “Selling Health.” Healthcare Innovation Student Symposium 2018: Atlanta.

Roberts, Allison. “Fighting for Space in the Medical Marketplace: Exploring Measures and Consequences of Hospital Competition.” Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars Talk. 2017: Atlanta.

Roberts, Allison. “Losing Weight for Market’s Sake: Weight-Loss Surgery as a Form of Hospital Competition.” Southern Sociological Society Conference 2017: Greenville.

Kornrich, Sabino and Allison Roberts. “Household Outsourcing, 1980-2010.” American Sociological Association Conference 2015: Chicago.

Newspaper Articles
Roberts, Allison. 2010. “Dr. Dorothy Edwards Asks: What’s Your Green Dot?” The Vanderbilt Torch. Not available online. Roberts, Allison. 2010. “The Commons Experience Acclimates Freshmen to Vanderbilt.” The Vanderbilt Torch. Not available online. Roberts, Allison. 2010. “The Justin Bieber Phenomenon.” The Vanderbilt Torch. Not available online.

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