Courses Taught

SOC230: Sociological Aspects of Health and Illness Fall 2017, Summer 2018

My course taught students a variety of ways to consider health and illness: at an individual, institutional, or population level. Students were asked to design research projects aligning with one of these levels, as well as read current articles in the field.

See a sample syllabus.

Guest Lectures

“Durkheim, Mardi Gras, and the Sociology of Culture.” Sociology of Culture with Sonal Nalkur. “Neoinstitutional Theory and the Family.” Sociology of Family with Sabino Kornrich, 2016. “Religion and Health.” Introduction to Sociology with Melissa Pirkey, 2016.


Comparative Health Systems in London, Program Assistant Summer 2017

In this competitive position, I assisted Ellen Idler and Karen Hegtvedt lead our intensive, 6-week summer course on comparative healthcare in London. I helped arrange tours of hospitals, home-care centers, and cultural sites. I also graded assignments. For more information about the program, go here.

I have also been a teaching assistant for…
-SOC230: Sociology of Health and Illness, Ellen Idler
-SOC101: Introduction to Sociology, Frank Lechner
-SOC101 with Melissa Pirkey
-SOC330: Sociology of Mental Health, Corey Keyes
-SOC220: Sociology of Happiness, Corey Keyes

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